Where To Buy Visa Gift Cards With A Credit Card

November 16, 2016 0 By admin

One of the most frequent questions that came up during my manufactured spending webinar was where to buy Visa gift cards with a credit card. Buying and liquidating PIN-enabled Visa gift cards is an essential part of manufactured spending. It’s pretty much the only thing I do to earn miles these days, outside of the occasional credit card sign-up bonus. There are lots of places to buy Visa gift cards with a credit card, depending on how much you want to spend and/or the type of credit card you’re using. Below is a roundup of merchants you should check out:

Visa Gift Cards at Simon Mall

Simon Mall sells Visa gift cards in $500 increments for $3.95. Once a year, usually around the holidays, Simon Mall waives the $3.95 Visa gift card fee altogether. If you’re a Simon Mall VIP member (i.e. you’ve given them your email address), they’ll send email updates when this sale happens.

Visa Gift Cards at Giftcards.com 

Giftcards.com is a great place to buy Visa gift cards if you 1.) are crunched for time and 2.) want to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Many cash back portals, including Yazing and TopCashBack, offer cash back at Giftcards.com. My preference in Yazing, which pays out faster and does a better job of tracking. I’ve never once had an issues with order tracking through Yazing. Meanwhile, a few readers have complained to be about TopCashBack. Anyway, a $2,500 gift card purchase will cost you a total of $17.20 when you factor in all fees and 1% cash back from Yazing. In other words, you’ll spend $6.88 per $1,000.

Visa Gift Cards at Gas Stations

Many gas stations sell Visa gift cards, but not all of them will accept credit cards as payment. It’s always worth a try especially since you an earn up to $6 points per $1 with certain credit cards. So the next time you’re at your local 7-11, see if you can pay for a Metabank-issued Visa gift card with a mile-earning credit card.

Visa Gift Cards at Grocery Stores 

Grocery stores, most notably Safeway and some Walmart stores, carry Metabank-issued Visa gift card in increments of up to $500. These will usually set you back $4.95 each. Those fees are higher than Simon Mall and Giftcards.com, but if you’re earning upwards of 6x points from credit card category bonuses, it may be worth paying. Grocery stores often run promotions on Visa gift cards, like the Just 4 U cash back deal or gas rewards bonuses. These promotions can help off-set gift card fees entirely, or the value of the extra points can exceed the fees.

Visa Gift Cards at Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores like Office Max and Staples are ideal places to buy Visa gift cards, thanks to 5x category bonuses from cards like the old Chase Ink Plus. The down side? Visa gift cards sold at office supply stores usually come in increments of up to $300 and carry a fee of $8.95. If you’re earning 5x points through your credit card, this still works out cheaper than buying gift cards at Simon Mall. Office Max often runs rebate promotions on Visa gift card purchases, which helps off-set card fees completely.